Our Tasting Room

Hours: SUNDAY 12-5:00, MONDAY through THURSDAY 12-6:00, FRIDAY 12-7:00, SATURDAY 10-7:00

CLOSED: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday.

Wi-Fi available.

Tasting fee: $7

The Ox-Eye Tasting Room is located in downtown Staunton’s historic Wharf district.  It was designed by the noted architect T.J. Collins, and was built in 1904.  Originally, it

The Little Yellow Building, before Renovation

was used as an office for a coal and lumber business.  It also served as a scale house for horse drawn coal wagons.  The loaded wagons would pull up under the covered archway behind the building to be weighed by the Fairbanks scale.

The building was later used as the Fultz Lumber sales room.  After the lumber business closed, the building stood vacant for many years.  Ox-Eye began its renovation of the historic building in 2010. On April 1, 2011, the Ox-Eye Tasting Room opened its doors to its first customers.

Ox-Eye Tasting Room today.

What is an Ox-Eye?

Ox-eye is the name of the common field daisy that grows like a weed on our farm. It has a yellow center and white petals.